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Fine Arts Show 2010 & 2009

Images posted on this page are intended as pleasing reminders of some of the artwork at past art shows. This webpage is the result of a collaboration by Julie Nygaard, show photographer, and Ron Greenaway, CVAC webmaster.


The Cowichan Valley Arts Council (CVAC) presented SASS~e, the 40th annual Spring Arts Show and Sale extravaganza from April 21 - 25, 2010.

Crystal Heath
Crystal Heath, Poppies and lavender
2010 People's Choice Award Winner

The annual spring art show featured over 100 acclaimed artists of the Cowichan Valley, showing over 200 recent works of art.

2010 Award Winners

People's Choice Award
Crystal Heath, Poppies and lavender

Award of Honour
Joel Blaicher, Lurking Caiman
Tom Faue, Little Big Man, for Joe Fard
Sonia Galbraith, Take The Ribbon From Your Hair
Crystal Heath, Untitled Abstract
Sirius Hickling, It's not a Penguin
Tammie Hunter, Daydream
Betty Locke, Beautiful Things
Jo Ludwig, Landed
Heather Martin-McNab, The Response
Gayle McIvor, Cloak of Cosmic Consciousness

Award of Merit
Dennis J. A. Brown, Andrew's Influence
Daniel Cline, Ascending
George Cruickshank, Holocaust Suitcase
Daniel Deschamps, Oración
Angus Galbraith, Igloo
Jennifer Hedge, Past, Present
Peter Lawson, Howe Sound
Heather Martin-McNab, Ascending
Bernadette McCormack, Woman Divine
Edie Miller, Cats' Night Out
Françoise Moulin Durham, Woman's Paintbrush in the Forest
J. Neil Newton, The Last Message
Julie Nygaard, The Walls Unite
Maria Raynor, Basket Study
Susan Whyte, Contrast #2


Summer Breeze by Sonia Galbraith
Summer Breeze by Sonia Galbraith
People's Choice Award
Award of Honour
The 2009 SASS~e, Spring Art Show & Sale was quite an extravaganza. A large turnout of art lovers to the Quw'utsun Cultural Centre browsed and bought original creations from sculpture, woodwork, leatherwork, print making, photography, to oil painting.

Judges, Glen Spicer and Iris Churcher, awarded 10 awards of Honour and 15 Awards of Merit to this year's artists based on impact, originality, technique, composition, and presentation.

Visitors to the show had no trouble selecting this year's People's Choice award. Receiving the highest number of votes was Sonia Galbraith's kissi stone sculpture, Summer Breeze. "I like to focus on the beauty that surrounds us and on those things which fill us with awe... I find it immensely rewarding to release an expressive sculpture from a lifeless piece of stone, or a beautiful vessel from a lump of clay."

The Cowichan Valley Arts Council would like to extend its thanks to all those who helped to make this event a success.

Not only did valley artists create an accomplished selection of artworks, they also lent their talents as volunteer hosts for the exhibition. The attending public enjoyed demonstrations offered by the hosts including and array of bookmarks and mini watercolours painted by Bernice Sutton, bookmarks beautifully penned by members of the Warmland Calligraphers, and a fascinating printmaking demo by the Printmakers Only Group. The demos added colour and interest to an already exciting exhibition.

Special thanks go out to our many sponsors including Quw'utsun' Cultural and Conference Centre, Leaf and Petal, Thrifty Foods, OK Tire, Beverly Corners Market Place, Island Savings Centre, Sun Valley Mall, The Ribbon Palace, Home Hardware, Mark’s Instant Sign Shop, Film Cowichan: Cowichan International Aboriginal Film Festival, Duncan-Cowichan Summer Festival Society, Duncan Garage Showroom, Rembrandt's Chocolates, Cowichan Folk Guild, BC Gaming Commission and the BC Arts Council.

Click on artist name and artwork title to view artwork.

The People's Choice was Sonia Galbraith: Summer Breeze

The recipients of the Awards of Honour were:

Sonia Galbraith: Summer Breeze
Roman Kononowicz: Braided Leather & Spalted Maple Purse
Beverly Koski: Barn Swallow
Peter Lawson: Cordova Bay
Edie Miller: Puffins
Joane Moran: Lilies
Simon Pidcock: Have Faith
Bernice Ramsdin-Firth: Venus
Kaye Smillie: Steven
Zak Stolk: Lakota Flute

Recipients of the Awards of Merit were:

Robert Cerins: Jamaica Break
Tom Faue: The Dutch Wives
Gus Galbraith: Queen Charlotte
Sonia Galbraith: Lavar
Eugene Jobagy: The Dreamer
Beverly Koski: The Immigrant
David Martinello: Table 91
Bernadette McCormack: Baby Blossom
Eileen McGann: Saanich Stained Glass
Linda Richter: Surf Rider
Henk Scholten: Alpine Lake, Mt. Washington
Doreen Tawse-Smith: Fish For Sale
Eva Trinzcek, Tribal Journey II
Frances Westermann: Three Nestlings
Herbert Wittrin: The Promise of Spring

  2009 Art Show award winners and a few others
   Click on images for a larger view and information about the artwork.

Getting Organized Puffins by Edie Mille Cordova Bay by Peter Lawson Tribal Journey II by Eva Trinzcek The Dutch Wives by Tom Faue Have Faith by Simon Pidcock The Promise of Spring by Herbert Wittrin Queen Charlotte by Gus Galbraith Back Home by Glenna Haggerty Barn Swallow by Beverly Koski Lilies by Joane Moran Raven Looks Back by Margot Page Country Geese by Margitta Ben-Oliel Polar Bear by Desmond Pratt Go Out Into the Garden by Harriet Hiemstra Steven by Kaye Smillie Fish For Sale by Doreen Tawse-Smith Blue Singing Bowl by L.Burns Nunavut Hunter by Rose Bakker Powerhouse by Jean Aten Recycled Collaboration by Bev Thompson and Barbara Sobon Mary by Douglas Neva Gathering II by Crystal Heath Three Nestlings by Frances Westermann Eggstra Support Device collabration by T. Kungold Ammann & McLeod The Immigrant by Beverly Koski Baby Blossom by Bernadette McCormack Lakota Flute by Zak Stolk Sunday Soccer by Mary Patricia Cadorette Autumn Splendor by Sylvia Greenwell Alpine Lake, Mt. Washington by Henk Scholten Untitled by Valerie Tillie Braided Leather and Spalted Maple Purse by Roman Kononowicz Lavar by Sonia Galbraith Table 91 by David Martinello Jamaica Break by Robert Cerins Surf Rider by Linda Richter Summer Breeze by Sonia Galbraith Red Tree by Wendy Bradshaw Mountain Lake by Naomi McLean Vase by Jane Wolters The Dreamer by Eugene Jobagy Oink by  Betty Locke Landscape Patterns by Catherine Fraser TOB (Thing of Beauty) by Jo Ludwig Saanich Stained Glass by Eileen McGann Pacific Northwest II by Sharon Stone Venus by Bernice Ramsdin-Firth
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